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Frequently Asked Questions


What curriculum does LOLA use?

LOLA follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each K-8th grade level and subject area.  While this is the same curriculum utilized in Texas public schools, LOLA presents these elements in a multi-subject, blended-model approach allowing for hands-on and engaged learning.  

What are the days/hours for LOLA?

LOLA utilizes a 4 day instructional week from 9AM - 3PM Monday - Thursday, with Fridays reserved for extended learning days.  In addition, LOLA observes traditional holidays and allows families/students "family flexibility" holidays to be used at their discretion during the school year.  LOLA operates numerous summer camp/programs for students/families looking for learning programs outside of the school calendar.


How are students grouped?

LOLA students spend portions of their instructional day with similar age peers and portions of their day in mixed-age groupings.  In addition, students are frequently grouped based on common interests for project-based learning activities.  

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