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Spring '22

HCEL is proud to announce our ENGAGED! series launch for Spring 2022. Join HCEL for an innovative, practical, and purposeful professional learning experience focused on engaging students in any educational setting.

Our trainings are interactive and fast-paced with opportunities to develop engagement strategies which will best serve your school/campus, opportunities to visit our model classrooms for real-world application/strategies, and opportunities to promote a growth mindset for innovation and engagement!


ENGAGED! for Leaders is specifically designed for campus and district leaders to assist in creating a culture of engagement and purposeful instruction!


Sessions Available: March 9, April 6, May 5, June 1

1-day registration fee: $225

ENGAGED! for Educators is specifically designed for classroom educators and will provide hands-on, meaningful observations, discussions, and strategies targeted specifically at fostering growth mindset and student engagement in your classroom.


Sessions Available: March 8, April 14, May 12, June 2 


1-day registration fee: $225

Gardening Lesson
Young Teacher

The ENGAGED! Educator Induction Academy (EIA) provides engaging professional support for 1st, 2nd & 3rd year educators looking to have a profound impact on education by developing professionally and personally to maximize their abilities to lead 21st century classrooms.

Spring Cohort 4-day event: March 7-8 & June 1-2;


Cohort 4-day registration fee: $950

ENGAGED! for Innovators is an ongoing cohort series by nomination/invitation for innovative educational leaders looking to collaborate and connect with other innovative educational leaders for a series of learning experiences targeted at transforming instruction through engaging, purposeful and meaningful instruction.

Now Accepting Nominations for Fall 2022 Cohort


Cohort 4-day registration fee: $950

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